Target Photoshop Fail

This photoshop fail was in an actual ad posted on Targets Website. Talk about an atomic swimsuit wedgie. This photo went viral when a blogger was shopping online and discovered the goof.

Good Idea.. Bad Idea?

Good Idea: Going for a ride on your waverunner
Bad Idea: Going for a ride on your waverunner in the pool

Joel McHale Spoofs “True Detective”

“Can Anyone Understand ‘True Detective?” LMAO - If you’re a fan of “True Detective” on HBO, this will give you a good chuckle.  On “The Soup”,  Joel McHale lampooned the popular cable series starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. The video parody pokes fun of the two lead characters southern dialects and long winded narration. It pretty much sums how a lot viewers interpret southern accents.